Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Embarrassing Moment in My Life

During our life we do a lot of things, after which we are sorry about it. But sometimes we just remember with a smile. One of them was in this year. My girlfriend and I have been in the concert of Jenia Lubich and Nouvelle Vague. It was called "Dawn of Innocence". The concert was awesome. After the concert, Jenia Lubich signed autographs. She gave to us her new album on the CD with her sign and we went to exit. But after a few minutes she came to us with the security guard and she asked: "Did you pay for the CD?" We answered: "No", because we didn't know that we had to pay. She apologized for it that didn't say about it. Then we returned the CD to her and we apologized too. It was the embarrassing moment for us and for Jenia. Now we remember this moment with a laugh.

And below is the concert of Nouvelle Vague. I'm sorry for quality, I don't have a professional camera.

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