Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2012

It is a global project of Art House Co-op, where anyone can participate. You pay for participation in project $25.00, they send you an empty sketchbook and you have to fill it. And then, you have to return your filled sketchbook. After that, all sketchbooks are included in one collection at The Brooklyn Art Library and then they go to the world trip. This traveling exhibition visits most of the U.S. cities, a few cities of Canada, London and Melbourne. After the world trip, all sketchbooks will returned to The Brooklin Art Library for keeping and anyone can come there and view any sketchbook.

I chose a free theme - "This is a sketchbook...". I used graphite pencils, color pencils, ink and watercolor. I filled my sketchbook for 3 months. Below are pictures and video from my sketchbook. And here you can view all my illustrations -

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