Monday, September 3, 2012

One Day in Vienna

My trip to Vienna was not planned. When I was in Prague and I had one free day I decided to go to Vienna with my friends. We took a bus from Flora Bus Terminal and we went to Vienna. Unfortunately, that day was some catholic holyday, and stores, cafes and some places were closed. But we just walked through city.

This Austrian city is very beautiful and differs from Prague and other cities. But there are my favourite gothic cathedrals and houses with tiled roofs. There is St. Stephen's Cathedral in city center. 

This cathedral looks very fantasticly and fabulously. It is the most big and awesome cathedral which I saw in my life. There are a colorful mosaic and a big organ with amazing music inside this cathedral.


 I would like to come back in this city and stay for more days to get to know Vienna better.


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  2. How was Vienna and what you like there?

  3. It's clean city with beautiful architectures. I like medieval and gothic architectures.