Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Land of Smiles

Thailand is the country where the sun is always hot, the sea is warm and a vacation is nice. And it was my vacation too. I have been there in November 2011. At first, we arrived in airport of Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi. It is the big international airport, it's length about 1 km. or more.


And then, we went to the city for relax - Pattaya. It's the resort town by the sea. There are many tourists, because it's beautiful and not expensive for a vacation country, if not counting long flight, about 8 hours from Moscow, Russia. 

Here are many flowers, the thai food, bad smell outside and the wild monkeys. All days we had a good time - walked, sat in bars, went to islands, have been in the park of Mini Siam and we spent one day in Bangkok. Here I have eaten the fried scorpions and grasshopper. The taste is like .... nothing, because they are tasteless. But if you add a little salt then it will be not bad snack for a beer :) 

In Asia I like dragons and a lot of monuments of Buddha. They all are very different and awesome. The park of Mini Siam has many small copies of world attractions. For example - The Statue of Liberty or The Eiffel Tower.

This country is The Land of Smiles because here everyone smiles for you everywhere. Next time I'll write about the capital city of Thailand where I have been only one day.

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