Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boston, MA

Boston is the city of students and old english architecture. I arrived to Boston's airport at 5 p.m. and soon, after two hours of road to my hostel, I was on the place. It was Hostelling International, which was reserved before on This hostel was new and very clean.

After check-in, I went to South Bus Terminal to buy the ticket to New York City (The ticket costs about 35 $), and then, I walked around the city about two hours. When I had walked to the hostel I came at a bar to drink some beer. I recommend "Boston Lager", I liked it so much.

In the morning, after breakfast, which was the part of room's cost , I had gone to walk. The start of walking, length of 20 km, was Harvard University. Through MIT and Nort End I walked to downtown of the city. North End is an old and very beautiful district of Boston. There are many beautiful old english streets and houses.

(Click on the map for go to Google Maps) 

There are The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Parks (the map), which pass through much of the city, with small fountains like this.  Now, this is my favorite city of United States. In the evening I had to go to bus terminal and then ride to New York City.

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